Published On: September 16, 2021

When it comes to luxury and elegance, Casio is the biggest watchmaker that serves the purpose of luxury and elegance at the same time. Casio watches, especially the Casio EQB-1100-1ADR combines the pristine workmanship and technology no one has seen before.
Casio launched its new flagship version known as Casio Edifice EQB-1100-1ADR. There is no denying that this watch is a very beautiful watch in Edifice line-up. It has amazing features like tough solar, a stainless-steel design, and Bluetooth technology which you will not find in regular watches in this category. Being an official retailer of Casio in Pakistan, we are committed to provide best price.
Let us have a detailed look at what Casio Edifice EQB-1100-1ADR packs inside.

Features of the Casio Edifice EQB-1100DC-1ADR:
Casio Edifice line-up is known for making watches which are sporty yet luxury. The EQB-1100DC-1ADR with its octagonal shape is a true symbol of both luxury and athletic look. Let’s look at some of the fabulous features this watch provides:

  • World Time:
    Edifice EQB-1100DC-1ADR comes with three dials in total. All three dials serve different purposes. The left most dial just besides the 9’o clock shows the world time. It is especially handy when you are travelling between two states or moving from one continent to another. No need to search up the web for the time of the country you are in. Simply look at the dials for previous time and the time right now. It is that simple.
  • Exact Time:
    No matter where you are, the time of the Casio Edifice remains exact. This is because of a Bluetooth functionality which lets it connect to your phone for about four times a day. It is because the watch updates its setting continuously according to the time in your phone.
  • Lap Dial and Stopwatch:
    The Casio Edifice EQB-1100DC-1ADR is truly a luxury on its own. The three dials in the watch displays tiniest details about the functionality. The stopwatch feature of the Casio Edifice, is very helpful for when you want accuracy for up to 1/1000-second. The measurement is continuously transferred to your phone.
  • Solar Powered:
    There is nothing better in the world than a solar powered watch. Tough solar is an improved version of the typical solar powered watch. Solar powered watch comes into use with full sunlight exposure. Meanwhile, the tough solar can be charged if exposed to a little light. A single exposure to the light can make the watch to run for straight five months.
  • Locate my Phone:
    Lost your phone? No problem. There are times when you do not know where your phone is. It is definitely where it is supposed to be. What do you do now? Stress over it? No. With Casio Edifice, now you can find your phone on press of a button. Long-pressing the button of the watch will cause a sound alert in your phone. Finding phone is this easier now.

Design and Aesthetics:
The first impression of the sapphire crystal inside coating and the gray ion plated case grabs the attention of every eye. The 8.9mm thin case packed in octagonal bezel brings out the best in Casio Edifice EQB-1100DC-1ADR. Furthermore, for a finished and elegant look, a combination of hairline and mirror creates a best contrast.

Smartphone Link & Apps:
With Edifice EQB-1100DC-1ADR, you are able to control most of the functions through the smartphone app which comes in both android and IOS. Edifice Connected can help you manage day-to-day tasks with ease.
Functions like auto time adjustment and accurate time system is mostly controlled by the smartphone. It is because the synchronization between watch and the phone is made possible by Bluetooth and Edifice Connected app.

The Edifice EQB-1100DC-1ADR has nothing to criticize about. It is the best watch ever made by Casio. The quality is on the high level, just as one can expect from a Japanese manufacturer because we all know Japan is well-known for producing reliable and everlasting Casio watches. The octagonal bezel with a round glass gives off a good feeling.
Casio has put a greater emphasis on the dial now and it is scratch resistant to some extent. This watch surely is a balance between a classic timepiece and a typical smartwatch.

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