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Chaudhary Haji Mushtaq Ahmed (Late)

Haji Mushtaq Ahmed (Late) has started this journey of producing watches 56 years back, his dedication to work and knowledge of reaching the perfect marketing plans regarding this business.

He manufactured wall clocks with some unique design which become the trademark of his business mentality. The initial name which was laid down as the base of business “Casio Centre”. He was the founder of Casio Centre. Soon after the success of his business in manufacturing watches, he became the official retailer of Casio Products in Pakistan. What he started, later on he became a trendsetter of making watch visible on every hand providing each hand a feasibility. It was his vision to expand the business by providing the people of Pakistan with most useful Casio Products.

Haji Mushtaq Ahmed (Late) made his products trending when these types of performa were just an imagination. He has the only vision to provide customer with best and original products as they need. He was very generous and loyal with everyone, this humanity nature makes him a recognizable personality in the world of watches and wall clocks which is testified by all in the world business community. His vision idealogy is still remembered by all who were attached to his journey.

Casio Store at this place now a branch of the seed which Haji Mushtaq Ahmed (Late) sowed years ago. The seed turns to tree, Now the tree growing its branches to reach the people more easily with maintaing the originality of products. 

Casio Store – Mr. Abid Mushtaq

Legacy is made by winning hearts and it remains when it is succeeded well by the next generation. As, Mr. Abid Mushtaq son of Haji Mushtaq Ahmed (Late) has conceived well the business that was started by his father back then.

As generation is getting advance Mr. Abid Mushtaq started a new trend of online shopping in Pakistan of watches and kept on making it better by getting success in every phase. He made the feasibility for every Pakistani person to have a watch on hand. Later on, he introduced the new brand in online market of Pakistan, Casio Store. The domain registered as casiostore.pk, this online platform enables user to select their favorite watch at very best prices. He has ensured of selling best and original products to the users so that people can avail the opportunity of using the original products. Making Casio Store, as one of the largest online selling brand in Pakistan. This impact has broadened the business so well and gain him the respect in the e-market and among his users.

Everything which can be utilized, make it utilize so that the impression for the future, be remarkable.                                                                ~ Mr. Abid Mushtaq

 The vision which the team of Casio Store is leading under the leadership of Mr. Abid Mushtaq, is progressing rapidly and innovations regarding the increase in online sale is getting better by every passing phase. Thereby, such as responses evokes impression in the customer mind. Casio Store, is thankful to every hand which supported in reaching the milestone which it has achieved up to now. We from now onwards will be taking new steps to engage the customers’ approach to conceive it well.

Customers Satisfaction, Only Thing We Promise at Casio Store

 Our mission is to satisfy customer by every possible mean in providing original and genuine products to every customer reaches us. We have kept and we will keep on building this trustworthy relation more strong by every order you place with us.

 The owner Mr. Abid Mushtaq is thankful to you as he said:

 “I would like to express my deep appreciation to everyone who uses our products. Casio Store is just the result of the love you given yesterday and today thanks to years of support from loyal customers like you for having faith and trust in us.”

Providing Quality, Support & Guarantee Simultaneously! 

 Casio Store products are a familiar and important part of people's lives, and this includes everything. The potential for new products is unlimited. Moreover, we have created such nuances that our customers can easily communicate with us so that we can help them out by any means. We have all the daily life necessities and equipment which makes the life easy for you. Making this easier by providing them the necessity they are in search of.

Casio Store has built its strength more by support of our respected customers. Today, we are looking into areas where Casio Store has unique expertise to meet user needs as part of megatrends. We are working to provide 100% original creations that will become important to those who use them and to provide new experiences that will enhance the life of our users.