If you are looking for a value for money watch, there is no better option than a Casio vintage line-up. They have a well-known status of making some of the cheapest and finest watches of all time. You must have seen an old version of the Casio unisex watch with a thin casing. This watch has been revived in Japan and labeled as vintage now.

The Casio A159WAD-1DF packs the great features of other Casio line-ups into a think and sleek package. Being an authorized retailer of Casio in Pakistan, we cater to your needs to the level best.


The Casio A159WAD provides a very sturdy look. What appeals to the human eye the most are the two diamonds that are carved on the dial.

  • Diamonds:

Casio A159WAD is a vintage-style watch with two diamond accents and a three-dimensional thick glass. This elegant watch has a classy appearance as this watch comes straight from Japan with genuine diamonds.

The diamonds carved into the watch does not encounter any problems during traveling, as Casio states:

“The diamonds used for certain models are natural products that have been purchased in compliance with the United Nations resolutions, from legitimate sources that are not involved in the funding of conflict. No synthetic diamonds are used.”

  • Diamond-Shaped Glass:

You probably do not see this in most of the watches in today’s world. The Casio A159WAD, which is a vintage watch, has a diamond-shaped mirror echoed in the frame. There are 16 different angles of the mirror if you look from different sides.

It gives off a very premium finish to the watch.


Due to a classic style, the screen of the watch is not significant. Instead, it is a small digital screen that displays time and alarms along with a stopwatch. There is also a small green light to illuminate the screen in the dark, just like in the previous versions.


Casio A159WAD has solid straps. This is an excellent deal for a watch that costs just a fraction of what it is supposed to be worth. The straps are finished with hairlines and provides a very premium texture.


For a watch that does not even cost $60, this is a great deal. However, this deal seems unreal because it has two diamonds, and the price factors do not sit well with it. But as we discussed above, Casio is well-known for their cheap made-in-Japan watches. So, it is a win-win situation.