Casio’s Name Land tape cartridge, available for selection with multiple applications. Standard type.
· Standard tape in abundant colors and sizes.
· A lineup featuring 8 tape sizes, from a 3.5 mm type useful for slim disc cases to a 46 mm type useful for POP creation.
· Cartridge and package made of recycled materials.
· In order to reduce waste, a system has been established to collect, disassemble and separate, and recycle used tape cartridges.
· 3.5 mm: For slim DVD and CD cases; 6 mm: For name labels on pencils; 9 mm: For organizing desks.
· 12 mm: For organizing files / 18 mm: For DVD case spine labels / 24 mm: For wide files.
· 36 mm: For managing addresses and assets; 46 mm: For labeling in the workplace.