Casio DW6900LU8

Published On: February 1, 2020

Casio Reliability & Provision at Best

G-Shock, Reliable Strong & More Resistant Than Ever

Strong Demonstration, Heavy Built, Greatest Resistant Power, this is G-Shock has brought for you. Moreover, it is the vision of Casio Store, to keep it straight that we bring 100% original watches of Casio Japan to provide you at your doorstep. As we have brought this toughest model with better superiority and functionality.

G-Shock, Heavy Built Multi-Purpose Watches!

The DW-5600LU-8 have reversible nylon bands with a solid color on one side and a camouflage pattern on the other. The DW-5600LU-8 resembles blue navy camouflage and has a blue-tinted reverse LCD display resembles desert army colors. Providing you with some unbelievable specifications in such low price, this is only you can get at Casio Store. In Pakistan, Casio Store is dealing with 100% original authentic watches providing watches with more feasibility of the customer. Let’s just look at this.

G-SHOCK is the watch brand that is always finding ways to incorporate world culture icons into exciting new designs. These new models are based on the DW-6900 and add some great new selections to the Basic timepiece lineup. These models hearken back to the days of no-nonsense practical G-SHOCK styling, dressed in colors that create totally new looks. The very popular DW-6900 round face form comes with bi-color matte finish bands that feature different designs on the interior and exterior surfaces.

G-Shock, Center of Attraction for Every Age Person!

At the same time, traditional fans of Casio G-Shock watches likely had interest in versions of G-Shock watches, as such extensions on the G-Shock concept were a bit too far removed from the value that G-Shock has in the lives of most of its owners. I say this to explain why I think versions like this G-Shock forged carbon model are much better suited to traditional G-Shock fans that want the core wearing experience with a bit added visual and technical interest.

G-Shock is careful to respect the base watch and Casio in their product presentation. In fact, even though G-Shock replaces the stock resin case protector, they still include it in the packaging, along with a changing tool to put it back if you like (along with instructions). This also makes it possible to swap out the forged carbon case with most other DW6900 collection G-Shock models. I will say that this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Casio G-Shock watch come with adjustment tools. This is amusing because part of the point of the G-Shock is to be a watch that you never need to fiddle with. Then again, the budget nature of the DW6900 also means that it does not make use of a “Solar” movement which means it is not light-powered and will need a new battery each few years. In case you are wondering, the movement inside of the watch is Casio’s module.

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