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The ClassWiz series with high-resolution LCD and many other extras

The Classwiz series offers a new high-resolution LC display with 192×63 pixels and a resolution that is four times higher than that of the familiar displays of the FX-ES Plus series. In addition, the new ClassWiz series boasts new hardware with a faster processor and double the memory size.

General specifications

    • 274 functions
    • Display: „Natural Textbook Display“ Natural V.P.A.M.
    • High-Resolution LC-Display, 63 x192 dots, 16/10 + 2 digits
    • Energy supply: Battery (1xAAA (R03))
    • Comes with new slide-on hardcase
    • Dimensions (H x W x L): 77 x 165,5 x 13,8 mm
    • Weight: 100g


        • High-resolution LC display with 192 x 63 pixels
        • Natural V.P.A.M. – Natural display
        • 274 functions
        • Icon menu
        • Multi Reply
        • 24 Parentheses level
        • Variable memory (9)
        • Trigonometric and invers trigonometric functions
        • Hyperbolic and invers hyperbolic functions
        • Power / Power Root calculations
        • logarithmic calculations
        • exponential calculations
        • root calculations
        • Combinatoric and Permutation
        • Prime factorization
        • Random Integer
        • Conversion of polar coordinates into rectangular coordinates and invers
        • Fraction (two modes)
        • Conversion of sexagesimal into decimal and invers
        • Calculates in Degree, Grad and Radian
        • SCI/FIX/ENG function
        • List based statistics
        • 1-variable statistics
        • Standard deviation
        • 2-variable statistics (Regressions)
        • Percentage calculation
        • Add a parenthesis automatically
        • Non-natural input
        • Output with √ form
        • Output with Π form
        • Function table


    • Availability of models and/or lineups may differ depending on the country or region.


    • Technical amendments and errors excepted. The sizes in figures do not correspond to the original sizes.


    The colours may differ slightly from the original.